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Default system messages are snippets of text that come loaded with Mediawiki (software used by Wikimini) and are displayed on the user interface of Wikimini (text you can see on buttons, menus...). All these system messages are listed on a special page which is present on every site of the Wikimini family.

Note: If you access this special page while you are logged in, you will see the system messages listed in the language specified in your user preferences. If you are not logged in, you will see them in the default language of the site you are on (i.e. French on Wikimini FR). RTENOTITLE Trick: you can manually change the displayed language by adding "?uselang=xx" to the URL in the address bar of your browser (replace "xx" by the 2-letters language code: fr, es...).

What needs to be translated?

Thanks to the community of Mediawiki translators, most of these system messages are already translated for each language supported by Wikimini. [-sMiLeY-]

However, due to the young target audience of Wikimini, some of these messages need to be adapted to make them easier to understand and more child-friendly. And this is exactly what we did on Wikimini FR.

The default system messages (in French) that have been adapted/customized on Wikimini FR can be seen here: → (they show in green).

Please note that many of those changes are related to the switch from V-form (formal "you") to T-form (informal "you"). Some languages (such as English) do not have such a syntactic T–V distinction. Therefore, depending on your language, some changes done on Wikimini FR might be irrelevant (and unnecessary) on your local wiki. On the other hand, it may happen that you need to adapt other messages because of some specificities of your language.

Therefore, we suggest you proceed in two steps:

  1. Review every system message that was changed on Wikimini FR and decide if you need to apply the sames changes on your local wiki
  2. Review other system messages to determine if you need to make more changes on your local wiki


Step 1:  System messages that were changed on Wikimini FR

To help you get a start with this task, here is a selection of system messages that will certainly need to be changed on your local wiki:

Note: The following tables only show the system messages (in English,) in French and in YOUR LANGUAGE. If you want to see another language, please add the following at the end of the URL in your address bar: ?uselang=xx (where xx is the two-letters language code of your choice).

Example: for Spanish.

MediaWiki core

[-sMiLeY-] In the following messages, we have only replaced "Administrateur(s)" (default French term for "Sysop") by "Wikitechnicien(s)" (more friendly term used to designate sysops on Wikimini):

[-sMiLeY-] The following system messages have only a technical purpose and MUST be edited on each wiki. You just need to copy-paste the content from Wikimini FR (no need to translate anything):

[-sMiLeY-] In the following one, we only replaced the magic word "{{SITENAME}}" by "Wikimini":

[-sMiLeY-] The system messages that follow may imply some more substancial changes or translation work:

Note: Depends on Translation/Other elements/Images with text

Note: See how to translate "Page d'orientation" on Translation/Templates

Note: See how to translate "Page d'orientation" on Translation/Templates

Note: See how to translate "Page d'orientation" on Translation/Templates

Note: See how to translate "Wikimini:Règles" on Translation/Pages

Note: A simple copy/paste should be OK

[-sMiLeY-] "Vous" (formal "you" in French) --> "Tu" only:

articleexists, autoblocker, badaccess-group0, badsig, badsiglength, blocked-mailpassword, blockededitsource, blockipsuccesstext, blockiptext, blocklogtext, cantcreateaccounttitle, cantmove-titleprotected, categorytree-header, categorytree-retry, clearyourcache, confirmdeletetext, confirmemail_error, confirmemail_loggedin, confirmemail_needlogin, confirmemail_noemail, confirmemail_pending, confirmemail_sendfailed, confirmemail_text, confirmrecreate, createaccount-text, customcssjsprotected, delete_and_move_text, deletedwhileediting, eauthentsent, Editingold. emailauthenticated, emailconfirmlink, emailnotauthenticated, enotif_lastdiff, enotif_lastvisited, enterlockreason, exporttext, externaldberror, extlink_tip, gotaccount, gotaccountlink, historywarning, import-interwiki-text, invalidemailaddress, listusers-noresult, livepreview-error, livepreview-failed, loginreqpagetext, longpageerror, longpagewarning, markedaspatrollederror-noautopatrol, markedaspatrollederrortext, mergehistory-header, mergehistory-merge, missing-article, missingcommentheader, missingcommenttext, missingsummary, movenotallowed, nocookieslogin, nocookiesnew, nocreate-loggedin, nocreatetext, noname, nopagetext, nospecialpagetext, nosuchsectiontext, nosuchuser, nosuchusershort, notargettext, nouserspecified, nowiki_sample, passwordremindertext, passwordsent, passwordtooshort, permissionserrorstext, prefsnologintext, previewconflict, protect-cantedit, protect-cascadeon, protect-locked-access, protect-locked-blocked, protect-text, proxyblockreason, readonlywarning, recentchangeslinked-summary, removedwatchtext, resetpass_announce, resetpass_bad_temporary, resetpass_success, revdelete-nooldid-text, search-suggest, searchdisabled, searchsubtitleinvalid, session_fail_preview, sessionfailure, shareduploadwiki, sig_tip, spamprotectiontext, talkexists, thisisdeleted, throttled-mailpassword, token_suffix_mismatch, tooltip-ca-nstab-special, tooltip-ca-unwatch, tooltip-ca-watch, tooltip-diff, tooltip-preview, tooltip-pt-anonuserpage, tooltip-pt-login, tooltip-save, tooltip-watch, tryexact, unblockiptext, undelete-header, undeletedpage, undeletehistory, undeleterevdel, undeleterevision-missing, undo-success, unusedimagestext, userexists, userpage-userdoesnotexist, userrights-notallowed, versionrequiredtext, watchlistanontext, watchlistedit-numitems, watchlistedit-raw-done, watchlistedit-raw-explain, watchnologintext, whitelistedittext, wlheader-showupdated, wrongpassword, wrongpasswordempty, youhavenewmessages, youhavenewmessagesmulti, yourdomainname, yourtext


Step 2: Other system messages

Please quickly review every system message listed on you local wiki (Special:AllMessages). If you think something needs to be changed, please ask yourself:

  1. Is it a language-specific change which concerns only your own language?
  2. Is it a language-independent change which may concern (and benefit) other language versions of Wikimini?

If answer is 1, feel free to edit the system message. If answer is 2, it would be better to talk about it on our Wikilab forum first.