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Local project coordinators

Wikimini AR

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Mustapha Gharrad


Wikimini EN

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Charlie Fierro

Hello everyone ! I'm Charlotte, nicknamed Charlie, and I am the coordinator for Wikimini EN. I'm very excited to bring Wikimini to english-speaking children all over the world !

Wikimini ES

Alejandro Joos


Wikimini FR

Laurent Jauquier

Hi! My name is Laurent Jauquier. I founded the Wikimini project in 2008 and I'm currently the coordinator of its French version. I'm here to help the best as I can in the deployment of new language versions of Wikimini. Regarding the development of Wikimini and its evolution, I have always tried to stick to the following motto: Keep it simple!

Wikimini IT

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Mauro Coccoli


Wikimini SV

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Hi there! I'm Sara Mörtsell. I manage the Wikipedia Education Program in Sweden, and I help educators get on board with Wikimini where students can share knowledge with peers.


More awesome people (by location)

Welcome, new collaborators! Please tell us a little about yourself and how you want to collaborate in the Wikilab.


Olivier Mory

Hi! My name is Olivier Mory. I am the main technical guy behind Wikimini since 2012. I'm here to manage the server and make sure everything runs smoothly. I also do some development work.


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Dr Brains

Hi, I'm involved in FR wikimini since 2010, where I am a sysop. My contribution is episodic, as my main work is done on Wikipedia, but I can help a lot if needed. To meet me, go to my user page on fr Wikipedia.

Skills : web developpment, especially HTML, CSS and javascript, but also some PHP, and of course wikitext. I speak french, english and spanish.