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I have two great news about our "Wikistock" (

  1. Enhanced upload form:
    A new upload form has been implemented in the stock (see the Special:Upload page. The possibility to describe images in different languages is obviously the most important improvement.
  2. New main page:
    The new main page is up and running. It is multilingual ready and already available in English and French.

Instructions on how to translate these new elements have been added on the lab. See here: This does not have any great urgency. However, I think it would be necessary to translate at least the licence dropdwon selector, as soon as possible.

What's new and cool?


Multilingual descriptions

— Easily describe images in different languages.


— Better inclusion of copyright and licensing options.



Input validation

— Smart user-input validation checks for correct content and/or format.

Filename collisions

— Better handling of name collisions (when a file already exists with the same name).




— Same user-friendly system for selecting categories as on Wikimini. (Currently activated on edit screens only).

What does it look like?

Visual category indexes

— First-level categories are now represented by a specially selected image.



Big image search box

— Searches can be done on file names and image descriptions.

Picture of the day

— Every day, a beautiful new picture is featured on the main page! (still needs to be set up – volunteers welcome!)



Did you know?

— Every week, a new interesting fact is shown with a nice picture! (still needs to be set up – volunteers welcome!)


— Everyone can create galleries showing the finest pictures on a given subject.


Let's make this a great image database suitable for children and schools! [-sMiLeY-]
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