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Is there a plan to allow movies and sounds on stock soon. Requested by a teacher at

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Well, not really. We actually do encourage the use of video contentss in article, and there is a dedicated help page for this:

Hjälp:Lägga in en video (<-- Swedish version)

Side note: This help page was not very visible on the Swedish Wikimini until now, because its parent page "Hjälp:Hur ändra en sida" (which is one of the most important help pages of Wikimini) was broken and not fully translated on Wikimini SV. I've just updated it, however the end of the page would still need to be translated. But this is another point.

However, I strongly suggest that we keep these video/audio files hosted outside of Wikimini, mainly for two reasons:

  1. Coypright: It would become very difficult to check and prevent copyright issues. We are already doing our best to avoid copyright infringements with images, and that's a big job! I must humbly (but clearly) admit that we do not have the capacity to handle and check more kind of media files, especially audio and video contents, because their copyright status is often much more complex to evaluate, both by uploaders (who are mostly children!) and the small community caring for the Wikimini (and Wikistock) "household".
  2. Hosting: As you know, audio and video files are much larger (in size) than images. The volume of traffic and resources needed would become much higher and costly.

For these reasons, I think it's better to ask your teachers to upload their video/audio contents on dedicated sharing and hosting services like YouTube (video), Dailymotion (video), Vimeo (video), SoundCloud (audio), Spotify (audio)... or even their own site/blog! ... and of course Wikimedia Commons (if the licensing requirements of Commons are OK with their content).

We currently do support the integration (embedding) of videos from YouTube, DailyMotion and Google videos (see the help page above). But if they choose to use another service, they could simply put a link into the article pointing to their external resource.

If there is a big demand for this, we could add more external services to the list of the contents that can be directly embedded into our articles. I'm personally a big fan of the oembed standard and it would be great if we can build something on it.
Side note: I'm aware of the existence of InstantCommons, which allows the usage of any uploaded media file from Wikimedia Commons in any MediaWiki installation. This is great. But : 1) I think it would be better to have a single and unified way to embed external contents, wherever they may come from (this is what our current embedding functionality actually does, and this is also where oembed could help, in a better way 2) InstantCommons requires the use of wiki syntax (we try to avoid this on Wikimini) 3) We already try to build our own (and safe) image bank for children (Wikistock, which is in my opinion a great and useful project for children and schools. Technically, this means that we already have our own "external repository" of image files. InstantCommons is better suited to singles wikis, or wikis that do not centralize their image descriptions on a dedicated repository like we do.

Does it make sense?
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