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Please, could someone check this translation:

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(fr) Rédacteurs 8-15 ans cherchent relecteurs +grands

(sv) Redaktör söker 8- till 15-åriga redaktörer för granskning

The idea is: young contributors (8-15) are looking for "older" people (here, we implicitly mean adults) to check and proof-read their articles ("+grands", which means "bigger", is a more friendly way to say "older" in French).


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Gets Around
Threads 13
Posts 57
Here is another one...

The category "Paranormal and occult sciences" was translated by "Religiös etik" (please see

It seems wrong to me. What's about something like "Parnaormal och ockult vetenskap"? Is that OK? (Sorry, I do not speak Swedish).

Thank you.

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